Founders of Behavioral Health Crisis Care

Too many times have we seen thousands of people struggling with mental health or substance use end up in the emergency department or jail because there was no other option.

As a behavioral health crisis leader, we have created a safe environment for people to seek the help they deserve. We welcome everyone, regardless of history or current circumstance. No exceptions. No judgment. By providing immediate access to care and by connecting people to benefits and community resources, we have created a system that puts people on the journey to recovery.


Individuals helped per year

65% of patients return home after 23-hour crisis care and stabilization

Our History

Our founders and psychiatrists Dr. Chris Carson and Dr. Robert Williamson believed there should be a better way to serve those in need of behavioral health crisis care outside of the emergency room. In 1993, Drs. Carson and Williamson developed the first behavioral health crisis observation model in Texas and quickly grew the model within Texas. In 2009, Drs. Carson and Williamson brought the crisis observation model to Arizona through ownership of the Urgent Psychiatric Center (UPC) and by founding Connections Health Solutions. After realizing the results delivered at the UPC, Connections was invited to run the Tucson Crisis Response Center in 2015.

As support grows for alternatives to behavioral health emergencies, Connections is recognized as the national expert in the field and often sought out by healthcare leaders, law enforcement and criminal justice leaders, payers, and policymakers to develop and operate crisis stabilization services and partner in crisis system design and policy.

Our Founders

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Dr. Chris Carson

Founder/Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. Robert Williamson

Founder/Chief Medical Officer of Arizona

Our Leadership Team

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Colin LeClair

Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Hutchison

Chief Financial Officer

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Tiffany Zid

Chief Compliance Officer

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Dr. Margie Balfour

Chief Clinical Quality Officer

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James Smith

Chief Operating Officer

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Matt Miller

Chief Growth & Development Officer

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Jane Lock

Chief People Officer