Crisis Response Center Starts Mental Health Treatment Early, Successfully Partners With Community

In part 2 of this video for Psych Congress Network (part 1), Margaret (Margie) E Balfour, MD, PhD, and Sergeant Jason Winsky, BA, continue to discuss how collaborative approaches to responding to behavioral health emergencies and starting treatment immediately can lead to patient and community success. In this video, Dr Balfour who is the chief of quality and clinical innovation at Connections Health Solutions in Tucson, Arizona, and Sgt Winsky, the supervisor of the Tucson Police Department’s Mental Health Support Team, discuss:

  • The processes that occur at the Tucson, Arizona, Crisis Response Center (CRC) once a patient is being treated
  • The successful patient-centered processes at the Crisis Response Center
  • The community impact of the collaboration between the CRC and law enforcement
  • The importance of aligning clinical and financial incentives