Treatment Philosophy

We’ll get you into treatment right away and work with you to make sure you’re successful. Depending on your needs, you may receive methadone or other drugs during your treatment. We make every effort to keep people in treatment and do not reject patients easily like some other treatment centers do.

Patients receive medication assisted treatment and one-on-one care to begin the journey to sobriety.

Connections Access is our substance use treatment centers that offer same-day evaluation and intervention services, including medication assisted treatment. We help patients start the road to recovery by building them an individualized treatment plan based on their needs, and offering additional services if needed like mental health care and social work services. We also offer primary care services like health checkups and preventative screenings for HIV and Hepatitis C to improve the overall health of patients.

You’ll see a medical provider and get started on your treatment the same day you come in.

We help patients be successful through:

Individualized treatment plans

Strategic communication in the first month to promote success

Understanding the person and fitting treatment into his or her lifestyle

Focusing on the patient’s goals

Screening for HepC, HIV, other STDs

Primary care services

Care for mental health issues

Tight controls and lab testing to prevent drug diversion

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to come here

Walking in

Emergency departments

Family or friend referrals

An insurance company or healthcare provider recommendation

Recently released from jail

Services Provided Include

Intake assessment

Physician evaluation

Medication evaluation


Peer services

You’ll see a doctor and get started on your treatment
the same day you come in.

Common Questions

Does MAT just trade one addiction for another?
MAT Bridges the biological and behavioral components of addiction. Research indicates that a combination of medication and behavioral therapies can successfully treat Substance Use Disorders and help sustain recovery.

Is MAT only short term treatment?
Research shows that patients on MAT for at least 1-2 years have the greatest rates of long-term success. There is currently no evidence to support benefits from stopping MAT.

I heard that MAT increases the risk for overdoes in patients:
MAT helps to prevent overdoses from occurring.  Even a single use of opiates after detoxification can result in a life threatening or fatal overdose. Following detoxification, tolerance to the euphoria brought on by opiate use remains higher than tolerance to respiratory depression.

Will participating in MAT hinder my recovery process?
MAT has been shown to assist patients in recovery by improving quality of life, level of functioning and the ability to handle stress. Above all, MAT helps reduce mortality while patients begin recovery.

Is MAT better than abstinence?
MAT is evidenced based and it’s the recommended course of treatment for Opiate Addiction. The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, American Medical Association, The National Institute on Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Other agencies emphasize MAT as First Line Treatment.

Interested in learning more?

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If this is an emergency, please contact

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The Crisis Response Center (CRC)
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