Two Types of Care Centers

Our specialized care centers offer high quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their condition or ability to pay.


Psychiatric Care

Emergency Psychiatric Care Patients who are experiencing a mental health crisis receive care within minutes, not hours.


Abuse Care

Patients receive medication assisted treatment and one-on-one care to begin the journey to sobriety.

Why Connections is Different

Our mission is simple: to address any behavioral health need, at any time. We believe that people do best when they don’t have to wait a long time to get what they need. As a result, we have created a culture in which we welcome everyone regardless of clinical complexity, provide intervention as quickly as possible and partner with community support systems to maximize recovery.

Connections Crisis Program Development

Our founding partners Dr. Chris Carson and Dr. Robert Williamson have developed and implemented numerous crisis centers and programs in Texas and Arizona. We currently operate two crisis centers: one in metropolitan Phoenix and one in Tucson, Arizona. The Urgent Psychiatric Care Center (UPC) in Phoenix provides 24/7 emergency psychiatric care to over 2,000 patients every month. In April 2014, Connections assumed the management of the Crisis Response Center (CRC) in Tucson, which helps adults and children in Pima County. Both crisis facilities are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and are accredited by the Joint Commission (TJC). The quality management program at the CRC has been recognized by TJC as a best practice, and our VP for Quality and Clinical Innovation Dr. Margie Balfour holds leadership positions in numerous national organizations.

Connections Access Program Development

Dr. Lenn Ditmason, an internal medicine physician specializing in addiction, and Armando Moreno, a licensed independent substance use counselor, lead the Connections Access programs. Prior to joining Connections, each had 15 years of experience building and managing the largest outpatient opiate treatment program in Arizona, with more than 900 patients. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) have recognized the programs developed under their leadership as national models to be emulated. Both have extensive experience working with patients with specific needs, including pregnant women, criminal justice-involved individuals, adolescents and more. With their experience, we are able to create specialized programs based on individuals. For example, Connections will soon begin providing services for inmates at the Pima County Jail.

Helping Patients in the Criminal Justice System

A significant number of the patients we serve have past or current involvement in the criminal justice system. As a result, we have developed expertise, and our crisis services offer an alternative to arrest and incarceration. We work closely with with local law enforcement, probation officers and parole officers to develop discharge plans that maximize a patient’s chances for success. We help many patients directly upon release from jail so they can be connected to needed services.

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